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Power Regulation Board

Multiple voltage, high current output power regulation daughterboard for UAS

Power Regulation Daughterboard

This power regulation board was designed for my project team CUAir at school. It takes as input two LiPo batteries (a 2S autopilot and servo pack and a 6S general paylods pack), and a 28V ground supply. It outputs a number of different voltage rails to power all payloads in our unmanned aerial system. It also has a microcontroller to manually switch inputs and report if voltages are in range.

My mentor on the team challenged me to try to use only two copper layers for the design, and I was unable to refuse.

  • Two Layer PCB, 40 x 60mm
  • three-week design time
Input Level Output Level Amperage
Payload 6S 12V_KB 4A
Payload 6S 5V_KB 5A
Payload 6S 3V3_KB 2A
Autopilot 2S 5V_AP 12A