Adam Weld

Multidisciplinary Madness

One-Off Multirotors

Collection of Specialized and Experimental Multirotors

Over the course of my time tinkering with multirotors, I’ve built at least one hundred specialized machines. I usually start a new build to fill a specific use case, test a manufacturing technique or some new electronics, or to improve duribility or reduce the weight of a previous design.

Here are just a few of my more memorable builds:

This was my first foray into 3D-printing a canopy around the electronics of a build. The result was a quadcopter that looked and flew well, but wasn’t durable enough for racing.

This repurposed race quad held a small HD camera, and was my first really successful printed canopy design.

A year later, I took the same camera and decased it, carefully modelled the PCB, and then designed a quadcopter with the camera integrated into the structure.

This quadcopter used to film this video:

This little quad was what convinced me that smaller really is better in the world of multirotors.

A test platform for a “stretched” geometry, and new construction technique that made the frame extremely stiff for its weight. I really love how this design came out.

This larger design tested the same 3D geometry idea in a more traditional race-quad layout.

Here I decased a Gopro Session and integrated it into a Hoverbot frame, making for an extremely unique recording platform.