Adam Weld

Multidisciplinary Madness

Cornell CUAir

Custom Search and Rescue Unmanned Aerial Systems

One of my favorite longstanding projects during my time at Cornell. I was lucky enough to be a part of this engineering project team for three years while at school, and it offered many avenues to work on my technical proficiencies and teamwork abilites.

CUAir competes anually in the AUVSI SUAS Competition, an autonomous aerial vehicle challenge hosted annually in Maryland. The competition is modelled after a search and rescue mission with various unique tasks that teams have to design around each year.

Here’s Jamie adding some finishing touches to our 2018 vehicle.

We make heavy use of composite materials, specifically carbon fiber layup, in our recent designs.

The good old days in the basement of Ward, before the school realized that housing us in a pretty, well-lit fishbowl was a better way to secure alumni donations.

Here are (some of) the members of the Electrical subteam. CUAir is quite multi-disciplinary and has seven subteams across Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineering, as well as Business.